Maps on stamps

Artist Statement


The Map on the Stamps Artwork

For my 2017 artwork “The Map on the Stamps”, I leveraged on light to create a dramatic impact, to create depth and to show the difference in the landscape at different points of the day.

I chose to explore London, from the east to the west picking high end and low-end estates. I walked from 12 am to 7 am in the exploration of London night scenes in Hackney, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, Kingcross, Bank, Mayfair, Vauxhall, Soho, and Lime Grove. 

I took pictures and notes then illustrated a psychogeographical map of the cities in observation. I then customized mail stamps with royal mail with the illustration, making 9 different kinds of stamps from each location on the map. I then wrote letters about each location, then made 10 copies of each, totaling to 90 letters. 

In the letters, I wrote about my opinion of each location at night, my experiences in the location, especially as a foreigner, and the memories I carry about the location. I then requested the recipient’s opinion on my night walk and their perceptions on the areas they live in. 

I delivered the letters to random residents through mailboxes in the locations I had been to. For each envelope, I included my letter, a picture of my map illustrations, a picture on the area I took in the past, and one return envelope with the customized mail stamp. 

I am still looking forward to responses from these residents.