My rooster is dead


Directed by Lu Meng

Giving voice to ideas and culture, particularly within the context of society & environment, is a predominant role of art. Far too often are concepts and messages silenced in the fear that addressing them would potentially discomfort a subset demographic— this very subject is in question regarding cultural gatekeeping and appropriation.

Culture is human, and it is history; something that is to be kept alive and embraced. Popularization through artwork via homage and pastiche is an integral part of this process.

My Rooster Is Dead incorporates a sung nursery rhyme, performed by five actors of varied racial and cultural backgrounds, spoken in nine different languages. As culture is inherently intended to forge introductions with outside environments, this project combats the notion that art and fashion creative are refrained from embracing specific cultures within their own work. While ridiculing the exaggerated presentation of cultural stereotype, yet subtly revealing the depth of diversity within our own representative cultures, the video bridges a gap and showcases that appropriating cultures can lead to a very positive awareness and exchange of empathetic human connection.